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Thread: Tasmin & Tamsin

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyybella89 View Post
    Tamsin? Am I the only one who's never heard of this?
    I think its more common in Britain and assorted Commonwealths than in the US. It's from Cornwall is what I've heard. I've seen Tamsins, Tamsyns, and Tamzins out here.

    I like it for being tailored and un-fussy but not a boy's name. Its like a crisp white button-down shirt. But with just a waft of fairytale to it, a bit like Briar in that regard.

    I don't love it quite as much as I love Thomasin or Tamar, but its miles ahead of Tasmin.

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    Def. Tasnim, I love the meaning and the pronounciation sounds nothing like tasman(ian). Tasman is Dutch, Tasnim Arabic...

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    This is an old thread. :/

    That being said, I prefer Jasmin or Tamsin to Tasmin. Tasmin seems made up or misspelled. It is pleasing to the ear though, but I think that is just because it is similar to Jasmin, which I like.
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    I never thought of Tasmin/Tasman as an actual name apart from Abel Tasman/the Tasman sea so I'm Tamsin all the way, I feel out of the two it's more feminie without being overly so, the nn Tammy, Tamsy, Tansy or even as suggested above Tess are all appealing to me.
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    Interesting. learned something new. So i am not familiar with it in context, but just reading it and seeing it, Tamsin doesn't sound/look very feminine to me (although Thomasina does, though that makes me think antiquated).
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