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Thread: Tasmin & Tamsin

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    Tamsin I love....

    Tasmin... all I see is Tasmania.

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    My first name is Tasmin, yes my name seems to always get confused with Tamsin as it's quite common, which I HATE as I really dislike that name although some don't understand as they are very similar. I get called Taz or Mina as nicknames, I only ever got called "tasmania" in primary school, understandable really. Not being biased but Tasmin is a lot nicer, Tamsin just sounds like a farmers daughter.

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    Tamsin is better

    Tasmin makes me think of Tasmanian Devil. I remember an old episode of Looney Tunes when Taz was pretending to be a Jazz singer named Taz Man. And since Taz can't really speak, all he kept saying was "Taaaz, Maaan!"

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    I adore Tamsin.

    Tasmin is awkward IMO.

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    Tasmin is too much Jasmine take away the J add a T for me.
    I really like Tamsin.

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