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Thread: Tasmin & Tamsin

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    Tasmin & Tamsin

    I have heard Tamsin before & I like it, but can't get into any nn I can think up...
    I just came across Tasmin....which could be nn Taz! Or the more usable Mina. I also like the connection to Jasmine & Yasmin which I like, but Jasmine was common when I was growing up & Yasmin is a birth control.
    I think I like Tasmin more, but a girl with this name would probably get called Tamsin by mistake.
    What are your thoughts/opinions on both?

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    I prefer Tamsin but Tasmin is also nice. You are correct, though, it would often get mistaken for Tamsin.
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    Being from New Zealand, Tasmin just reminds me of Abel Tasman (Dutch explorer who was the leader of the first known European expedition to reach New Zealand). The Tasman Sea is named after him, and we also have Abel Tasman National Park.
    Tasmania is also named after him.

    Tamsin for me is just ok.
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    I like Tamsin. nicknames I suppose could be Tam, Tammy. I prefer Tamsin over Tasmin.
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    I like both names, but Tasmin is really cool.
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