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    New England, USA
    If you like a combination of*TV shows: B/G Twins- Girl-**
    (G) Ivana Jane & (B) Jorge Juergen

    If you Live in a Country that starts with a Vowel: 1 Girl- FN-**
    (G) Elena Rachel

    If you like reading*Mystery*Novels: B/B Twins-*
    (B) Bram Sherwood & (B) Luca Wilbur

    Your favorite way to decorate
    Pattern:B/B Twins- FN-*
    (B) Dash Maxwell & (B) Maso Maguire

    If your family consists of 5 or more:G/G Twins-*
    (G) Cadence Carella & (G) Zaria Myrelle

    How*would you be famous:
    Scientist/Doctor: B/B/G/G Quads- Girl- Boy-
    (B) Beckham Porter, (B) Radley Jagger, (G) Harper Jessamyn, (G) Maya Bronte

    If you are a Clothes person: B/G Twins-*
    (B) Carter Vincent & (G) Stella Juliette

    If you prefer the smell of The*Ocean: B/B/B/B Triplets-*
    (B) Harvey Lachlan, (B) Penn Navarro, (B) Soren Carmelo, (B) Jarvis Dano

    If your transportation is a SUV/Truck: B/B/G Triplets-*
    (B) Mac Cooper, (B) Rex Elliott, (G) Rosalie Caroline

    If you prefer*Calm*and Relaxing Locations: G/G Twins-*
    (G) Clea Axelle & (G) Maeva Lucienne

    Ivana, Jorge, Elena, Bram, Luca, Dash, Maso, Cady, Zaria, Beck, Radley, Harper, Maya, Carter, Stella, Harvey, Penn, Soren, Jarvis, Mac, Rex, Rosie, Clea, Maeva
    Future Little Ones
    Lydia Violet, Rosalie Elsa, Cora Penelope, Amelia Isobel
    Finn Matthew, Henry Johnston, Troy Oliver, Archer Bryce

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    1) Lachlan Ellis Lewis "Lockie" age 24
    2) Helena Rachel and Micah Conan (I live in a country which is both depending on which side of the fine line of Politics you walk) age 23
    3) Emily Faith and Mary Victoria "Molly" age 21
    4) Alouette Elise "Lou" and Elliott Drake age 19
    5) Ruairi Antonio, Aoife Rose and Oisín Jacob age 17
    6) Ellice Monet and Leonardo Willem "Leo" age 15
    7) Allan Keefe age 13
    8) Danilo Kristoff "Danny", Lucian Allcott "Luke", Rupert Lennox "Roo" and Edison Harvey "Eddie" age 12
    9) Samantha Josephine "Sam" and Harriet Francesca "Halle", Amadeo Roman "Deo" and Fabrizio Jack "Jack" age 9
    10) Nathaniel Archer "Nate/Nathan" and Reuben Theodore "Ben" age 2

    Lockie; Helena & Micah; Emily & Molly; Lou & Elliot; Ruari, Aoife and Oisín; Monet and Leo; Allan; Danny, Luke, Roo and Eddie; Sam, Halle, Deo and Jack; and Nate & Ben
    Lochlan Robert Alexander~Henry Peter Drennan (Harry)~Thackeray Noah Benjamin~James David Arthur(Jimmy)

    Samantha Anne Margot~Helena Darcy~Hanna Grace~Rachel Genevieve~Emily Faith~Sydney Marie~Kathleen Alice (Kay)

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    If you like a combination of TV shows: B/G Twins
    Name: Georgius Egor and Gianna Sine "Gus and Gianna"

    If you Live in a Country that starts with a Vowel: 1 Girl
    Name: Eliana Wren "Lia"

    If you like reading Romance Novels: B/G Twins
    Names: Marius Beau and Valentina Love "Russ and Tina"

    Your favorite way to decorate:
    Color: G/G Twins-
    Names: Tiffany Rose and Lilac Scarlet "Tiff and Lila"

    If your family consists of 5 or more:G/G Twins-
    Names: Aracely Tricia and Cadence Myrelle "Ely and Cady"

    How would you be famous:
    Actor/Actress/Singer: G/G/B Triplets- FN- MN-
    Girls: Avril Sofia and Everly Grace
    Boy: Garth Beckett

    If you are a Clothes person: B/G Twins-
    Names: Hudson Kingsley and Haven Stella

    If you prefer the smell of Baking(Cookies,Cake, etc..): B/B/G Triplets Boy- Girl-
    Boys: Langston Poe and Chandler Keats
    Girl: Ava Greer

    If your transportation is a SUV/Truck: B/B/G Triplets-
    Boys: Graham Joplin and Cooper Jett
    Girl: Rosalie Natalia

    If you prefer Calm and Relaxing Locations: G/G Twins-
    Girls: Lucienne Elodie and Isaline Romane "Lucy and Isla"

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