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    I have no idea how to discuss this specifically because you didn't include the names. My daughter's name has been mispronounced and misspoken, but I have experienced both of those things with my name as well. I think most people have. You should pick what you like and as long as it's wearable/not insane I think he/she will make it work.

    And name is 'perfect' but you can always turn to the classics (John, Mary, James, Anne, ect) which are familiar and easy to pronounce and spell. But I find that most parents also want something unique and distinctive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leonielee View Post
    I think we would be able to help more knowing the actual names.
    This too. But I can see where you are coming from, not wanting to share the names.

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    I want to hear the names.

    Honestly the one you said looks good on paper, is different, has a cute nickname, sounds great! I have no idea what the sterotype is though?

    With my girl we had her named before she was concieved. Even still as it git closer and i knew she would be a girl i started getting uneasy. The family didn't like it, neither did my friends. But my husband liked it and i knew deep down i liked it too. Still i tried on another name once after she was born. Lol my husband grounded me though. Sometimes as mothers we want to know we have THE PERFECT NAME. Having the person you love and trust reenforce your feelings about an name can do wonders. Right after she was born EVERYONE decided they loved her name. In fact three years later one of the doubting friends used it for her baby. So my advice is trust your instincts and trust your husbands too. Tell him your concerns and see what he has to say. He may not want to talk names right now, but if he sees your concern, he'll change his mind.
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    ^ Now I want to know what your daughters name is! Haha

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    With my son, DH knew it was his name the moment he saw it. He refused to let me spell it any other way, hence the odd spelling, and refused to even consider any other name. He knew it was his name, and when he was born he was even more certain. I, on the other hand, was none to certain. I was wavering on his name right down to signing the birth certificate and even ALMOST I mean literally pen on paper almost, named him Jonas without telling my husband. I'm so glad that I didn't, because even though his name is commonly mispronounced and my mother hates the way it is spelled, it is 100% without a doubt my son's name. It suits him perfectly, right down to the zany spelling.

    What I'm trying to say is, it's perfectly normal to have reservations. What ever you choose will be wonderful.
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