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    Back here after a year!!!

    Hey life has changed in a year. I am one year a way from school and I love names. Since I am going to have a kid quite soon after I graduate. I thought it's time to be serious about choosing some that I will love forever. Some that I love right now... considering I still have list from last time I logged in:

    Rhiannon (Welsh) “Divine Queen
    Aurora (Latin) “Dawn
    Keira (Irish) “Dark, Black
    Soraya (Persian) “Princess
    Kiara (Irish) “Dark”
    Keaira (Irish) “The little dark one”
    Bryony (Latin) “To sprout”
    Fiorella (Italian) “Little Flower
    Althea (Greek) “Marsh Flower
    Ceren (Turkish) “Gazelle
    Seren (Welsh) “Star
    Citlali (Aztec) “Star
    Electra (Greek) “Shining; Amber
    Aislin “Gaelic” Dream
    others: Lillia, Tulla, Tullia, Coralin, Everly, June, Isidora... etc :

    twin girls: Althea and Soraya, Soraya Juniper and Althea Jade
    Names Currently into:
    Girls: Everly Violet and Amelia Ivy
    Boys: William David, Mackenzie Oliver, Isaac Benjamin

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