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    Help naming female.

    The character I need to name is a 21-year-old female guitarist in a famous rock band. She is also a burlesque dancer and alternative model on the side. She is very sweet, kind-hearted, shy, and polite. Physically, she is quite short for her age, she has red hair, corset piercings on her back, a garter tattoo on her thigh, dark brown eyes and pale skin. I really don't know what I should name her. And I need a stage name and a real name so please help! Thanks.

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    For her actual name, I'd suggest you play off her sweet, docile nature with a less intimidating name and for her stage name, something involving her wilder side, maybe something to do with her red hair.

    For her actual name maybe Ellie/Elle, Lily, Tia, Molly, Maia etc.
    I'm not sure about her stage name, but maybe try looking through famous burlesque dancers' or performers' stage names and play around with those and some other words you like the sound of or fit your character.
    Some words/names you could play around with are Rose, Scarlet, Poppy, Ginger, Amber, Cherry etc.

    Hope this is helpful!
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