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    Year 1 Quints:
    Maxwell Arthur, Annabel Olivia, Emmett Oliver, Rosalie Kate & Sullivan Orion

    Year 2 Triplets:
    Amelia Bethany, Wyatt Mason & Declan Elias

    Year 3 Quads:
    Nolan Everett, Caleb Nash, Evelyn Morgan & Silas Vaughn

    Year 4 Quads:
    Nora Delilah, Holden Zachary, Finley Harrison & Hazel Cecilia

    Year 5 Triplets:
    Jessa Ariel, Lola Briar & Graham Xavier

    Year 6 No Children
    Year 7 No Children

    Year 8 Single:
    Maisie Willow

    Year 9 Twins:
    Fiona Lauren & Juliet Penelope

    Year 10 No Children

    Boys: 11
    Girls: 11

    Max, Annie, Emmett, Rosie, Sullie, Millie, Wyatt, Dec, Nolan, Cale, Evie, Silas, Nora, Holden, Finn, Hazel, Jessa, Lola, Graham, Maisie, Fifi and Jules.

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    1. Not Pregnant
    2. Not Pregnant
    3. Pregnant with 1 girl!
    4. Not Pregnant
    5. Not Pregnant
    6. Pregnant with 4 boys!
    7. Not Pregnant
    8. Pregnant with 2 girls and 2 boys!
    9. Not Pregnant
    10. Pregnant with g/b twins!

    d: Maisie Juliet
    s/s/s/s: Nash Ryan/Wyatt Logan/Jack Holden/Harrison Maxwell
    d/d/s/s: Evelyn Kate/Kaia Rosalie/Blake William/Henry Everett
    d/s: Margaret Emma/Finley Walker

    Maisie, Nash, Wyatt, Jack, Harrison, Evelyn, Kaia, Blake, Henry, Margaret "Margot", and Finley "Finn"
    Name Nerd

    No kids (yet), not even trying... but, I can't help but dream of beautiful (and ever-changing) names for my future children!

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    Year 1: No birth
    Year 2: Riley Xavier (B)
    Year 3: Sawyer Lucas (B), Cecelia Hazel (G), & Christian Liam (B)
    Year 4: No Birth
    Year 5: Callum Henry (B), Serena Blair (G), Hannah Zoe (G), Silas Carter (B), Jasmine Willow (G), & Noah Richard (B)
    Year 6: Oliver Ryan (B), Caleb Everett (B), Mason Zachary (B), Fiona Audrey (G), Jillian Briar (G), & Julia Penelope (G)
    Year 7: No Birth
    Year 8: Orion Walker (B), Vienna Erin (G), & Chloe Ariel (G)
    Year 9: Xenia Maisie (G), Rosalie Kate (G), Tessa Genevieve (G), Lia Morgan (G), & Vincent Taylor (B)
    Year 10: No Birth

    Wow! 24 Kids: Riley, Sawyer, Cece, Chris, Cal, Serena, Hannah, Silas, Jazz, Noah, Oliver, Caleb, Mase, Fi, Jill, Jule, Orion, Vi, Chloe, Xenia, Rose, Tess, Lia, & Vinny

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