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    Year #1: Blair Margaret, Harrison Nash, Viola Eve & Mack Rodney

    Year #2: Not Pregnant.

    Year #3: Oliver Wyatt, Greyson Emmett, Henry Cale, Maxwell Ian, Rosalie Hannah and Delilah Kate

    Year #4: Silas Zachary

    Year #5: Eli Sullivan, Lucas Anthony & Nolan Robert

    Year #6: Not Pregnant.

    Year #7: Finley Jack & Sawyer Paul

    Year #8: Not Pregnant.

    Year #9: William Trent, Genevieve Kaia & Arthur Declan

    Year #10: Not Pregnant.

    19 children: Blair, Harrison, Viola, Mack, Oliver, Greyson, Henry, Maxwell, Rosalie, Delilah, Silas, Eli, Lucas, Nolan, Finley, Sawyer, William, Genevieve and Arthur

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