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    Drop Your Favorite: GIRLS!

    I'm not sure if this has been done before, but I thought a twist on the classic "drop your least favorite name" game would be fun.

    For this one, remove your favorite name and repost the list. The last name standing is our least favorite name.

    The list:

    Amelia, Anne, Agnes, Amy, Brittany, Bianca, Bronwen, Brianna, Catherine, Calliope, Cassidy, Carmen, Daniella, Daphne, Delilah, Daisy, Evelyn, Emily, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Frances, Florence, Fiona, Felicia, Grace, Gwyneth, Genevieve, Gretchen, Harriet, Helen, Heloise, Haley, Iris, Isla, Isis, Inez, Jennifer, Joan, Judith, Juliet, Kalila, Kirsten, Katrina, Kayla, Luella, Lydia, Lucille, Logan, Marissa, Miranda, Macy, Meghan, Nora, Noelle, Natalie, Nadine, Ophelia, Ottilie, Opal, Olive, Penelope, Priscilla, Patricia, Piper, Quinn, Quintessa, Quinta, Quiana, Rosemary, Rebecca, Ruth, Rachelle, Stephanie, Sylvia, Sarah, Serena, Teresa, Tabitha, Tilly, Tina, Uma, Ursula, Ulyssa, Unity, Victoria, Violet, Verity, Vanna, Wilhelmina, Willow, Wendy, Winslet, Xandra, Xena, Xheneta, Yvette, Yael, Yasmine, Yoko, Zora, Zenobia, Zuzanna, Zola
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    Current favorite girls: Beatrix, Elizabeth, Gwendolyn, Helena, Isobel, Jemima, Margo, Rose, Tigerlily & Zora

    Current favorite boys: Callum, Damian, Gideon, Henry, Jonah, Laughlin, Leo & Oscar

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