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    Smile Your teenage mum baby names?

    When I was a teenager I loved the Sophie and hoped I'd have two girls and called one Sophie and one Marie Therese (like Marie Antoinette's daughter.) what were your teen favorites?

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    I've loved the name Phoebe Grace since I was about 14, maybe even younger than that, and I'd have used that on a daughter. Now I'd probably not use Grace as it's becoming a filler name, but I still have Phoebe in my top three.

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    In my early teens, some of my favourites included Caitlin/Katie, Allie, Louise, and Amy, off the top of my head. I had my daughter in my late teens and named her Elena. I can't believe how much my style changed in that space of time!
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    I remember really loving the name Monique. I'm glad I grew out of that.

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    I absolutely adored the name Minuet September. I still think it's musical and beautiful. I wanted to have a baby girl, born in September, and give her that name, but I got a cat and she was given the name Minuet, and then I could never use it on a baby.

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