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    Haha, a lot of people don't like my name! It's Kylie.

    Anyways, I hate Addison/Madison.
    Sarah, Emily, Tiffany, Bethany, Ashley... Anything that sounds incredibly 80s or 90s bugs me.
    Edith, Agnes, Agatha, Gertrude, Gretchen, etc.
    Cordelia, Clementine, Magnolia, things like that.

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    I don't have these, I'd say strongly dislike/would never use on my own kids...

    Any Mc_____ name.
    Masculine last names on girls. Especially -son names, which mean "the son of.." like Emerson. I just don't get it.
    Super cutesy juvenile names like Miley, Hailey, Bailey, Braylee, Kaylee, Emmie. These names always tend to be spelled a billion different ways too which I don't like.
    The 80s names, Amanda, Ashley, Jessica, Jennifer, Lauren, Sarah, Kelly, Stephanie, Alicia, Allison, etc. I know SOOO many people with these names.

    Also Norah, Iris, Ivy, Brooke,

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    I really dislike Shirley because it sounds SOOO overly feminine and frilly. I also don't like Kate, I don't know why. I'm perfectly fine with Katie's or Kaitlin's but not Kate...
    I also don't like Agatha...sound's like a witchy name
    Gertrude, Bertha, Betsy, Shirley...any of those great grandma names
    Amanda: Something about it just doesn't sound too pretty
    Mandy/Mindy/Cindy/etc.: I just DESPISE these names...they sound hideous to me
    Sorry and no offense if these are any of your names I just REALLY dislike them...

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    Northeastern USA
    Mildred, Myrtle, Gertrude(I know this was listed), Penelope, Calliope, & anything that is trying "too hard" like difrant spellingz or over the top stupid like Precious or Pashion.
    Clementine is another fruit besides Strawberry and Apple that should only be seen in a fruit bowl, not as a person's name!!!! No offense if anyone is named these names or named their child this, I do not mean to be mean to anyone, my name is over the top common and still is around 50 or 60 at the ranking. Ashley is annoying to me still, even though I make a good Ashley. If it wasn't paired with my aunt's gorgeous name Juliette, I would seriously consider being called Lee, Asha (awsha) or A J.

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    Kim, Robin, and Paula

    All because of people named them.

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