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    Reese, Rhys (any of the spellings)... All i see if peanut butter cup or the monkey... I just dont see the appeal!
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    Katniss. I can't stand it.

    Oh, and don't forget Renesmee.
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    I don't generally like virtue names (Destiny sits particularly badly with me)
    I don't like names like Kayden, Jayden, Teagan, Tyler
    Misspelled names
    Names that are meant to be funny (Bluesky Walker, I kid you not)
    People naming their kids just to be unique (I've met Babydoll Dikiny and Princess Joop - named after their mums favorite perfumes DKNY and Joop. also come across Rhapsody Melody)
    When people haven't thought it through, I.e Polly-Cilla.

    I don't like many of the top-names either like Harry, Ruby, Finley, Alfie (although I named my cat that), Ryan, George, Ellie, Emily, Jessica, Amelia, Poppy... I'm scandianvian and Alberte/Alberthe is a very popular girl name there and I just don't get it!

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    And Renesmee I will never learn to like or love!

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    Oh, I forgot to mention another naming convention that bugs me. Double-barreled names give me the heebie-jeebies, mostly because I have a really bad association with someone who had a double-barreled name. (to make it worse, her daughter also had one)

    To be fair though, I have a friend named Mary Kate, and I have no problem with that. I guess I mostly have problems with double-barreled names with Carol in them. (from the aforementioned mother-daughter duo)
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