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    Agnes. Seriously don't understand why this is getting popular EXCEPT that it was used on dispicable me. Know what i think is dispicable? Naming a kid Agnes.
    It fits right in there with Bertha and Mildred.

    Im also not big on unisex names
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    Melissa is probably my most hated name. I've known too many awful Melissa's.

    I also dislike most K names like Kayla and Kaylee. D names aren't really my cup of tea either, especially not the ones ending on an ee sound, like Dacey or Daphne. Darcy, however is one of my all time favourite names, so again there is one exception.

    I don't like overly cute names like Seraphina & Vivianne. I think I just generally lean more towards shorter names with the exceptions of Emmeline, Caroline (love/hate relationship with that...), Rosalie, Adelaide and Eleanor, if that's considered a long name!

    Other than that I don't like Brylee, Alyssa, Celine, Teagan, Megan and Taylor for no apparent reason. To me they just scream mean girl, although I've known some people with those names that we're really nice.

    I don't like Nevaeh either. It just doesn't make sense to me. If you like the word Heaven, just name your child that! I think it's a bit trashy too. Monique & Dominique and other names ending on -ique are kind of trashy too in my opinion.

    I'm really sorry if anyone's offended by this! I'm sure a lot of people think my name is ugly too though.
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    Victoria with the nn Vickie. I want to vomit.

    I am also not a fan of 'old lady' names or what I like to call 'fairy names.'

    Old Lady Names: Betsy, Margot, Eleanor, Betty, Gertrude, Agatha, Anastasia, Hazel, Mabel, Mildred, Imogen, Ruth, Pearl, Blanche, Helen

    Fairy Names: Penelope, Temperance, Lark, Iris, Athena, Calliope, Gwendolyn/Guinevere, Daphne, Primrose, Katniss, Luna, Clementine, Isolde, Lilith, Persephone, Theia

    Oh and I despise when people talk about how horrible girl names that end in ee/ey/ie are (Hailey, Kylie, Avery, Maddy) but then pick a name that they intend to shorten to an 'ee' sound. Elizabeth to Betsy, Matilda to Tilly, Penelope to Penny, Mildred to Milly. Then you just look stupid. Just say what you really mean, that you don't like popular or trendy names. Don't blame it on the 'ee' sound, when are going to turn around and use a name that ends the same way.

    And apparently I only have issues with girl names!

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    BARBARA makes me cringe!! Not because of Barbara Bush, but because it's the name of my husband's last girlfriend before he met me & it just irritates the heck out of me that his mom & brothers are friends with her on facebook AND then to find out that she used my daughter's name for her daughter! Talk about adding insult to injury!! I really can't stand Barbara & I've never even met her. Hope I never will either.

    Yep, that hit a nerve!

    Angel is another one I can't stand. All them girls clothes that say Little Angel or Grandma's Little Angel. I will not buy those clothes! The only person I know that goes by Angel is actually Angela. She totally ruined the name Angel 'cause she is such a ditz!

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    Can you top this? I really know a Semaj. I didn't realize it was one of those goofy spelled backwards names until my daughter saw the class list and commented..."Oh, that's James backwards."

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