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    Olga, Ursula, Gertrude (although Trudy is cute)... they sound too hard and old. Yet, the language school I work at has suddenly had an influx of teenage Olgas from South America, Russia and Eastern Europe. I was surprised because I think of it as such an old name.

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    Neveah probably. Also boy names on girls. And I don't like Jaylin/Jayleigh/Kinley/etc. I don't like anything cutsie sounding or two nickname-y. A name I "should" like but can't stand is Claire- sounds to prissy and snobbish to me for some reason, despite it being a perfectly reasonable name. I must have some negative association I can't put my finger on.
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    Charlotte. (I've never liked it), Nevaeh, Yasmin (reminds me of the birth control pill of the same name), Dorcas, Taylor (on a girl), most traditional boys names on a girl, and mostly any Kree8tivleigh spelled names.

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    Anything too out there or too trendy. It makes me crazy that perfectly pretty names like Isabella sometimes get hijacked (in this case largely by a bunch of Twilight fans) and is used to the point that I have to use every bit of self control that I have to not do a giant eye roll every time I hear it now. And let me guess, you call her Bella. Ugh.

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    Phoebe, Courtney, Poppy, Gertrude, Beulah, Myrtle, Lola, Lulu, Luna, Mabel, Bailey, Piper, Harper, Willow, Sloane, Greer, most "Lil" names
    For a few of these, I've occasionally seen a really awesome middle name that complements the name in a way that makes it okay.
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