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    Oh yes also would like to add all those J and K names that were trendy and popular in 80's/90's. Just sound a bit stale now

    Jennifer, Jessica, Jamie (and similar J boys ones like Jason)
    Kylie, Kelly, Kayla

    and other similar sounds like Layla - just too trendy/common sounding, but obviously a lot of those kind of feelings are based on region

    I still love the name India but it seems to be getting quite common here which I hate

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    Ashley and Olivia.. mostly because every one I've known has been terrible to me :P
    25 year-old name lover and cat-momma to Clover and Calvin

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    Every single incarnation of MaKenzie, McKayla, etc..
    Kayla, Kylie, Kaylee, Kelsey, etc
    Sloane, I know many people like it, but it just sounds so ugly to me

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    I don't like boys names on girls: James, most -son names etc. As well as overly unisex (read: primarily male) names.
    I really dislike overly "old lady" names with harsh sounds or silly ones: Penelope, Gertrude, Agatha, Agnes, Gretchen etc.
    Trendy silly spellings annoy me like crazy.
    Overly cutesy names...good gosh, I can't stand those. You're naming a human being who will grow up and be an adult for much longer (hopefully) than they were a child. Don't name a baby girl something like Kitty.

    Specific names:
    Jasmine, It's not really a hate, but I'm so tired of it.
    Sloane, the Slo- sound just makes be think of unsavoury words
    Sage, I can't stand this. It actually makes my skin start to itch.
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