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    Best combination??

    What is your favourite combination and why??
    If you have any alternative suggestions I would also love to hear them! Trying to put together a my top 5 combinations 😊😊

    Thank you berries!

    Matilda Lily
    Iris Mary
    Lily Margot
    Jane Clementine
    Mae Amelia
    Winifred Olive
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    Did you mean to include a list or do you want to know our personal favorite name combos?
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    Oops!!! I thought I had put in a poll, must have not worked as I'm posting from my iPhone!

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    My favorites are Jane Clementine and Winifred Olive
    Jane and Clementine are both lovely names that make an adorable sounding combo, even though I'd prefer Jade Clementine or Clementine Jane/Jade
    Winifred and Olive are also two names I love, they have adorable nicknames and can age up wonderfully
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    Olive Winifred or Clementine Jane...they are so sweet!

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