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    Aubrey. I can't say why, I just hate it. I love Audrey so much, Aubrey just ruins it for me.

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    Hate kre8tive spellings (Fayth, Allysson, Khloe, ect.)

    I also really don't like any of the "Mc", "Mk", or "Mic" names (Mkenzie, Mckayla, ext.)

    I don't like surnames or boys' names as names on girls, except for Irish, Scottish (excluding MacKenzie et al.), or Welsh ones. Idk why I like Adair and Sheridan and hate Campbell or Finley. But what's really ironic is that my middle name is Blaise, and I really like it. Am I a hypocrite?
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    I just hate boys names or so called unisex names on girls. Also creative spellings (aka wrong spellings anyway). Oh and Mc- names or -son names.

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    Any name were the parents changed the spelling. It's spelled a certain way for a reason, leave it alone. Boy names on girls. And worst of all, people who name their kids after TV shows. Yes, Game of Thrones, I'm talking about you. Made up names are awful .

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    I really dislike Agatha, Francine and Irene. I also hate Millie and Tillie, though I quite like Lily. I hate Vivienne, for me it takes away all the class and sofistication of Vivian, and just looks trendy.

    Also, I hate it when people choose a longer name that is just a clear alternative to a popular name. Isabella is too popular, so they name their kid Arabella and call them Bella the same way. Emmeline for Emily, Emilia for Amelia, etc etc. I just find it pointless. I don't mind it when there's an actual reason for the name choice, but when it's just an alternative, I find it bleh.

    I also hate Arabella per si, and pretty much all the -bel names, with the exception of Annabel (this spelling only).

    I also find place names very tacky, specially when the parents got no connection to the place. Names like Vienna, Sienna, Paris, London, etc, when the parents have never left the U.S. :roll: I don't mind it when it is an actual name, though - Carolina, Georgia, Adelaide, etc.

    Oh, and Titania. All I can see is the teasing potencial for this one (really, it begins with tit...)

    I, however, don't mind the -son names for girls. Yes, it means son of, so it makes no sense. But naming a boy Harrison when his dad's name is George also makes no sense to me, but most people doesn't seem to mind this. I dislike the double standard.
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