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    So sad to see that ppl hate Claire. I love that name! So much so that I chose it for one my daughters. Someone else hates virtue names, so I guess that includes Hope, which I chose for one of my other daughters. Oh well.

    The name I hate most: Ainsley. It's nasal-sounding and sort of reminds me of the word Anus.

    I also think Gretchen is an unflattering name and I am tired of people trying to revive Wilhemina. It's clunky.

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    Kaylee, sorry! I know it's really popular but I just don't like it.

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    I pretty much hate all the names popular during the 60s: Susan, Linda, Karen, Donna, Patricia, Nancy, Cheryl, Sharon, Carol, etc. They sound so lame and clunky to me.
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    #1. Phyllis
    #2. Beulah
    #3. Gina
    #4. Griselda

    l have others that I would never in a million years name a child, and the general 'strong dislikes', but these are the ones that I genuinely hate. Because Phyllis just reminds me of mucus (somehow?) Beulah I've always thought was incredibly ugly, and I knew a Gina that was a most unpleasant person (but her name I've never liked anyway, and that pushed me off the brink). Griselda just sounds like grizzle.

    And come to think of it, I may have already answered this thread. Oh well : )
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    Clucky names

    I dislike Claire because I do not like the CL sound. Cluh. Cluh. Cleh-aire.

    Sounds like chickens.



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