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    Kaitlyn, Kayla, and Kaylee. The three cutesy, dreaded K names. Kaitlyn is so cliche and there are sooooo many ways to spell it. Kayla I just plain don't like, and Kaylee is way too cutesy for me to take seriously. It sounds like the kind of name a teen mom would give their daughter (no offence).

    Also, Destiny, Brittany and Briana. Barf.

    I also cannot stand Marissa, but mostly because of a baaad personal association. I do love the meaning (of the sea) but that's it. Beyond the awful personal association I hate that hissing S sound. Marissssssssssssa. Yuck.

    Sorry if I've offended anyone!
    18 year old name lover!

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    Seasonal / Month names.

    April, Autumn, December you get the drift.

    I'll make an exception for August. It could be short for Augustine.

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    1) Nevaeh
    2) Names for girls that end in "lee": Tinley, Brinley, Paisley, Riley, Kylee, Miley...the list goes on forever.

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    I hate Elena, Eliana, Elise, and all of their varients. I do however like most other El- names.

    I dont like Valerie, Vanessa, Kim, Clarise.

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    Lilou, Miette (not a name), Cosette - all pet peeves of mine.
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