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    Maybe it's because my daughter's name is Clementine and I had that name as my top choice for 10 plus years but princessy? What? Did I miss the famous Princess Clementine in my fairy tale perusals? Princessy name? Aurora. Anything 3 syllables or over and ending in A. Our last name is British, but we didn't pick it for that either. Are we pretentious and overeducated? Uh, I guess?

    Names I hate....hmmm. Brianna, Kianna, Breanna, Britney or any derivative, Teagan, Keagan, any of those type names. Anything ending in Leigh. Irish or celtic names. Everyone at my college who was remotely Irish just sat around bragging about it all time. The result is that I can't deal with Irish names, even if you are Irish. Oh well.

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    Names that I dislike mostly because they sound boring to me: Ann/e, Margaret, Josephine, Nora
    Hate is too strong of a word, they just aren't names that I would use! I would rather see them though over names like Kayla/Kylie (or any variation of that!) Any Bree-/Bray- name. And as so many have mentioned "creative" spellings of names like Michaela and Madeleine which I don't love but are perfectly nice names before they were turned into McKayla and Madelynnn.
    Perhaps I shouldn't complain too much though because my first name made it onto several people's hate list! :]

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    Quote Originally Posted by kittyx2 View Post
    Least favorite girl names:

    Naming your child after Hunger Games & Twilight characters (Katniss, Rue, Bella, Esme, etc.) Why on earth would you do this to your kid?! If you're going to name a child after a character in a novel, try a true classic piece of literature (e.g., Cordelia from King Lear, Cosette from Les Miserables, etc.)

    Naming your daughter after a celebrity like Rhianna, Adele, Aniston (really?!), etc. Talk about not being unique!

    Agree on Nevaeh--if the child is so heavenly, why not just name her Celeste?!

    THIS! You have definitely hit the nail on the head with this one.
    Crushes: Casper & Isobel.

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    I know pretty much everyone said it, but I have to also. Nevaeh, nails on a chalkboard to me...
    I'm agreeing with a lot that were listed, but a few that stick out are Chloe, Peyton, Esme (I always think of the movie My Girl 2, when dad says "It sounds like a noise your nose makes"), Renesmee (are people really using this? When I read it in the book, I threw up in my mouth, then to top it off, they called her Nessie), Hermione (I've never read or seen HP, so maybe she's great, but it's not a cute name), Brittany and any spelling (I've only ever known ONE that I like), someone mentioned Hillary (barf), and I've always hated Natalie for some reason.

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    I really, really hate Penelope, Persephone, and Priscilla. I actually have a somewhat irrational hatred for almost all P girl names.

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