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    I strongly dislike unisex names, especially on girls: Jordan, Ryan, Taylor...
    Unique spelling or virtue names: Nevaeh, Destinee, Charity, Faith, Krystyn, McKynzee, Justyce/Justice...anything ending in "ee" or with a "y" where there should be an "i."

    I also don't like Meghan or Katie, but I think that's because I have several friends with these names and they feel very overused to me.

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    Haha, my name is up there. Oh well...

    Personally I don't think there is any name I hate (its a pretty strong word), there are names that I might dislike and probably will never use so off the top of my head:

    Nevaeh (obvious)
    Nora (I have never seen the appeal of it, to me its not very attractive)
    Chantelle (negative associations)
    Chloe (same as Chantelle)

    also kree88tiv spellings and boys names on girls.

    I think I'm pretty lenient, maybe...There are some names that I have not liked initially but have grown to like, love or don't mind them such as Gertrude, Vanessa and Amber.

    Liv, an 18 year old with a love for naming and name etymology.

    Current Favourites:

    Girls: Eleanor, Louisa, Freya, Mia, Yvaine, Hazel, Pearl, Ruby, and Evie.

    Boys: Walter, Miro, Remus, Felix, Alasdair, Eamon and Graham.

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    Least favorite girl names:

    Naming your child after Hunger Games & Twilight characters (Katniss, Rue, Bella, Esme, etc.) Why on earth would you do this to your kid?! If you're going to name a child after a character in a novel, try a true classic piece of literature (e.g., Cordelia from King Lear, Cosette from Les Miserables, etc.)

    Naming your daughter after a celebrity like Rhianna, Adele, Aniston (really?!), etc. Talk about not being unique!

    Agree on Nevaeh--if the child is so heavenly, why not just name her Celeste?!


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    I hate the name Jeanine!
    Waiting to try} London Richard & Kyler Rian

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    Primrose- The first syllable just calls to mind 'prim and proper.' Therefore, not a fun name to have, in my mind.

    Chloe/Zoe- I don't know why, it just feels kind of harsh to me.

    Arabella- I know that one is a favorite here, and I'm not sure why I dislike it.

    Rain/Rayne/Raine- I have a character with this name (the Rayne spelling), and she gets on my nerves. The name will always be associated with her, in my mind. The name itself if kind of pretty, but won't the child feel awkward in science class when learning about weather, or when they overhear someone say the dislike rain?

    Ella- It feels too trendy and insubstantial on its own. As a nickname for Ellanor (or, preferbly in my opinion, Ellanora), I like it.

    Gwendolyn/Genevieve- These feel a bit over-the-top, though they are kind of pretty.

    Flora/Fleur- Even though these mean flower, the sound reminds me of 'floride.'

    Sorry if I offended anyone. I hope I didn't and I certainly was not trying to.

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