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    Honestly there are not many names I can say I hate... some I dislike, but if I see it in a different combo I may change my mind. However, there is one, one name that I have heard while taking my children to the Dr. here, I have heard it on two different precious little girls, and for the life of me could not understand.... PEPPER??? really, to me that is terrible!

    Other than that, I am not big on unisex names (though there are a couple that I think are cute), I tend to be on the frilly, girly side.
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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    I'm on board with Nevaeh. It spells heaven backward yes BUT the way people pronounce it is WRONG!!
    The way it is spelled should be Neva and then a long sounding A. Doesn't make sense.

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    Names that I think should be retired & never used again...some probably haven't been used in a very long time anyway.

    Bessy (every cow (literally a cow) I know is named Bessy!)
    Dick (Richard..OK...nickname Dick..NO)
    Nimrod (that's a real name from the Bible)

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    Anything made up or a combo made from 2 real names and I loathe all the -ey names of the 80's, Brittney, Ashley, Lindsey, Courtney Nikky, Jenny, Casey and I have never liked Emily for some reason.

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    Deidre-Any name that can be pronounced Deadre should never be given to anyone.
    Gertrude although Trudie isn't bad.

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