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    Nora- I love Cora but all I hear with Nora is "gnaw a". Gnaw a what?

    Sophia/Sofia- My area seems to be drowning in Sophias and Sofias at the moment, so it feels tired to me. Plus I've always prefered Sophie.

    Aiden/Kayden/Jayden/Braden on girls- Aidan is a legitimate male name and the rest are harsh sounding inventions that are bad enough on boys.

    Chris/Nikki/Sam etc- I guess I just don't like masculine sounding names on girls.

    Everly/Everleigh- I don't really find this pretty at all. I just hear Beverley without the B.

    Barbara, Brenda and Deborah- I adore so many names that others consider dated, but I really, really don't like these three.

    Hunter/Parker/Carson/any really masculine surname- I'm not a fan of most of them on boys, but I can't stand them on girls.

    Most names spelled with a K or a Y to be trendy- I have no problem with legitimate variations like Katherine or Alys, I just think Kassandra and Khloe, Madilynn and Wynter look silly.

    Bryn, Quinn and Finley- These have nice sounds but are all boy to me, especially Finley/Finlay.

    My list is much longer that I'd expected :/ Loads of my favourites have been mentioned already, so I agree with pps that you shouldn't really worry if names you like are mentioned. Each to their own.
    Gwendolen & Jerome & Rosenwyn & Nikolai

    Seasonal lovelies
    Demelza Clove . Jorah Dunstan . Cerelia Autumn . Rupert Garrick . Hesper Scarlett .
    Nashua Rowan . Cassia Hecate . Jasper Gwydion . Rowena Aspen . Reid Septimus

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    Popular names from the 80's-90's basically. Probably because I grew up with people with these names.

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    Any name that was recently made up (e.g. Navaeh) and names such as Crystal and Kayla. I'm not a fan of traditionally masculine names on girls because I think it narrows the pool of potential boys' names. I won't buy into boys' names on girls until people start naming their sons traditionally feminine names.There are also some names that just sound particularly awful, like Bertha and Dorcas. I don't mind virtue names that much (except I think it should be a crime to name your daughter Chastity).
    Current favorites:
    Girls: Louisa Jane, Caroline Emma, Celia Rose, Lucy Adelaide/Beatrice

    Boys: Henry, Nathaniel/Nathan, Avi, Elias, Asher

    Name-obsessed twenty-something in the US. No kids right now, but will be TTC in a few's fun to think of the possibilities in the meantime!

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    - Masculine names on girls
    - Names widely associated with teenybopper literature (i.e. Renesmee, Bella, Hermione, Katniss, etc.)
    - Girl names that sound more like beauty pageant contestants from the Victorian era. Names like Ottilie, Sylvie,
    - Names that try too hard to be quirky/spunky/cool/intellectual/like a literary snob. Names like Amelia, Poppy, Amelie, Scarlett, Piper, Scout, Rumor, Willow, and Xanthe for girls, or names like Atticus, Jude, Lennon, Liam, and August for boys. (To be perfectly honest, I think these type of names annoy me the most, next to obviously misspelled trendy names, of course.)
    - Surname/occupational names for boys. Even more dreadful when said names are used on girls. (some exceptions such as Allison though)

    Than there are some particular names:

    Abigail - the absolute wimpiest sounding girls name I can think of.
    Trinity - is it the law in my state that every girl under the age of 5 HAS to be named this? It needs to be put on a long overdue hiatus.
    Iris - had it not been for the association I have with this name, I might actually like it, but to no avail.
    Clementine - makes me think of someone trying too hard to sound British.
    Madison - I rather like it on a boy, but on a girl it just makes me think of a spoiled brat.
    Madeline/Madelyn/Madeleine - Much like Madison, it makes me think of an ungrateful, greedy little girl.
    ~Favorites of the moment~

    Girls: Sonya, Caroline, Sakura, Carmilla, Terra
    Boys: Conrad, Fain, Marcelo, Serge, Isidoro

    Vote on my name list!

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    Missouri, USA
    I agree with the Hunter/Parker/Carter/Carson trend on girls. I don't like unisex names in general for little girls but something about that particular set of 'unisex' names bug me a lot more than usual.
    DS: Laikon Timothy
    DD: Faedra Elise
    DS: Eion Tyler

    Girl: Adelaide, Calixta, Ruby, Ivy, Atalaya, Zinnia, Isla, Cambria, Piper, Willow, Harmony, Coraline, Juniper, Temperance, Nova, Aria, Tesla, Ayla, Linden, Athena, Mayla.

    Boy: Zane, Ezra, Cyrus, Phoenix, Kellen, Sylas, Leo, Theon, Avory, Eamon, Sawyer, Roan, Kieran, Rhys, Adrian, Tobyn, Jacoby, Felix, Kyler, Roman, Desmond.

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