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    Quote Originally Posted by taz View Post
    My daughter's names made the list!
    A couple of my favorites for middle names (Joanna and Josephine) are on here, but eh, oh well. Different strokes!
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    Quote Originally Posted by celestemilmun View Post
    A couple of my favorites for middle names (Joanna and Josephine) are on here, but eh, oh well. Different strokes!
    I agree, don't worry about it, some of the names I like are on here and I started the thread! haha. But it really comes down to what suits the child and what your taste is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amberdaydream View Post
    Kaydence. Seriously, what's wrong with just Cadence?
    I know someone who named their daughter Qadence! Talk about cringe worthy!
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    Ava. Tired of it. It's not even that pretty.

    Paisley, Paisley, Paisley, Paisley! It's horrible! It's equivalent to naming your child Taffeta, Satin, Silk, Gingham, Calico. It's silly and it's not even pretty. It sounds like 'Pasty' too, so they better hope she's not pale. >.<

    Also the Bray- names, Braylin, Braylee, etc, why would you want the sound a donkey makes in your daughter's name?

    Nevaeh. Just seems sort of evil to me. Speaking of evil, people who spell Evelyn as Evilyn. It has EVIL right in the name.

    Miley/Kylie cutsey sounding names that won't age well.

    Clementine. Don't understand it. I think of oranges and dirty little mining children.

    Sylvie. It's lacking the rest of a substantial name.

    Spelling Olivia as Aliviah/Alivia and mean for it to be pronounced like Olivia.

    Olive. Not pretty to me at all. All I think of if Olive Oil, and Popeye.

    Every/Everly/Everleigh and Emery/Ember. They just bug me for some reason.

    Chloe/Khloe - Tired of it.

    Sloane - All I think of is crumby detective shows.

    Clover - I love plant/flower names but this just doesn't work for me.

    Lolita - This is NOT an appropriate name for a little girl.

    Emma - Dated, plus it seems like the go to name when someone can't think of a name for their daughter. That along with Sarah.

    Abigail when it's spelled funny like Abbygail, Abbigaile, Abbygayle, etc.

    Trinity - Matrix much?

    India/Indigo - I feel like this is a horrible fad and people are going to feel really dumb for naming their kids these when they finally come out of their name fog.

    The Ana- named that spell Anal.

    Twi-Dumb Names - Esme, Isabella, Rosalie, Edward, Jasper, Emmett, Felix, Renesmee etc.

    'Old Lady' names tat are beyond resurrection like Frances, Beaulah, Myrtle, and Geraldine.

    And even though I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan, I can't stand Hermione on a living breathing child.

    Wow that was a long list, haha. Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings
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    The two names I detest more than anything are Sloan/e and Greer/Grier. Some others include fellow trendies Hunter, Parker, Bryn, Fallon, Shane, Tatum, Devon & Kennedy as well as super dated names on modern children such as Agnes, Barbara, Beatrice, Maud/e, Evelyn, Margot, Nancy, Patricia, Olive, Prudence, Louis, Mabel, Gloria, Irene, Joan and Caroline.

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