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    Here are some Irish names/words that mean water.

    Farraige (Farriga)
    Trá (Traw)
    Uisce (Ish-ka)
    Muireann - This means Goddess of the Sea, and has been Anglicised to Maren. Pn: Mwirrin or Mirrin

    I think Muireann is beautiful and I'd go with that. Its so pretty!
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    My best friend is named Muirenn! She had always thought it meant 'moors'. I'll have to tell her about that! I think Muirenn/Muireann would suit your character, and it's such a lovely name! I would think your only problem with it could be that it had no noticeable nickname--If you wanted one, that is.
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    My daughter's name is Muirenn. It is the older form of Muireann. In Irish Gaelic it is pronounced Meer-in (which is how we pronounce it) while in Scottish Gaelic it is pronounced Murr-in like William Wallace's wife in Braveheart (Muron). It is often Anglicized to Marion. When I was researching the name, I found that there are many women in Irish history and mythology named Muirenn. One in particular story was about a mermaid and her name Muirenn was said to mean 'drawn from the sea'.

    As far as nicknames go, my daughter's is Meercat, given to her by her friends.

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    Uisce I would not use as it's also a word used for moonshine in Ireland.

    Clodagh is a river in co. Tipperary. There's the classic Shannon (also a river). Ennis is an island. Liffey is a river which runs through Dublin. There's also Muireann/Muirin, Muirgheal.
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