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    Aveline - etymology & history (long)

    Aveline, the French word for hazelnut has been popping up on boards lately. Amberdaydreams and I had a really interesting conversation and did some research on it. So what does Aveline mean?

    Aveline (filbert) means Hazelnut in French
    Aveline: feminine noun Sens Grosse noisette, fruit de l'avelinier [Botanique]
    translation: filbert , feminine name Meaning Big hazelnut , fruit of the ' cobnut [ Botany ] [1a]
    Wikipedia also defines Aveline as a hazelnut. [1b]
    etymology for Aveline from l'Académie française (éd. 1986):"XIII th century, avellane, avelaine. Borrowed from Latin (nux) avellana, "noisette Abella (town of Campania)." Sort of cob which oil is extracte.[2] There are actually different types of Hazelnuts, we are discussing the "common hazel" aka "Corylus avellana".

    Why is a hazelnut called a Noisette in France?
    "Noisette sometimes called "filbert" is the fruit of the common hazel ( Corylus avellana ), and various species of the genus Corylus . By metonymy , the term also refers to the seed (or almond) contained in this fruit that is edible." [3]

    Noisette is a diminutive for Noix (nut) One French site the reason Noisette is the more common name may be because in some varieties of Aveline's the husk fully opens to release the Noix hence the name Noisette.

    Aveline as a name:
    "Aveline is the French femenine form corresponding to the Spanish Avelino/Avelina, the Italian Avellino/Avellina and the Catalan Avel·lí/Avel·lina. These names come from the Roman Latin proper name Avellinus/Avellina, a Campanian cognomen derivated from the demonym avellinus, avellina, "from Avella/Abella", capital of the Roman province of the Campania.

    The old and dialectal (basically southern) French word aveline (hazelnut), same that the Occitan avelana and the Spanish and Catalan avellana, comes from the Latin nux avellana or nux abellana, "nut from Avella/Abella", because Avella was the center of production and commercialisation of hazelnuts." [4]

    Avella is in the province of Avellino, part of the Compania region that was conquered by the Normans in the 11th century.

    From wikipedia's entry on the city of Avella: "Virgil and Silius Italicus considered that its territory was not fertile in corn, but rich in fruit-trees (maliferae Abellae): the neighborhood also abounded in filberts or hazelnuts of a very choice quality, which were called from thence nuces Avellanae." [5]

    some Latin background
    Abella (Avella), ae, f. Abella (town abounding in hazel)

    Abellae, arum, f. Abella (town)

    Abellana (abellina, avellana), ae, f. : Filbert, hazelnut. - Nux avellana: <the hazelnut d'Abella> = filbert, hazelnut. [6]

    2) Is the word Aveline related to Avis, the latin word bird?
    I dont think so since basically the Normans brought it over with them and Avella doesnt seem connected to Avis but I cant be completely sure since I dont know much about latin.

    Etymology on Avis[7] I didnt think it was connected to Evelyne/Evelyn either but amberdaydream pointed out Evelyn stems from Aveline. Again I dont know much about that.

    So name enthusiasts and etymologists what do you think about the name? Do you have any information or corrections??? I think it makes a very interesting and sweet name!

    Here are my sources, sorry most of them are not in English. I am really bad at citing things so Im not sure these are all in the right order.

    *I found a really long academic paper on this but it's in French and its really long to translate but I can provide a pdf of this if anyone wants it.
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