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    1. I love that name. Ironically, if my mom had another girl she would have named her that except spelt Lisette Madelyn. I love it.

    2. A little girl with brown hair and brown eyes, and a shy but kind personality.

    3. Saraia Avielle (Saraia pr. like Mariah but with an S)
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    1. Can't pronounce the name - so she would have issues for the rest of her life with people not being able to pronounce her name
    2. lives in Alaska - pale complexion dark hair and eyes
    3. Charlotte Louise "Lottie"

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    1. I like the name Charlotte, but not Louise. It fits great together, though.
    2. She has blonde wavy hair and brown eyes. She's athletic and likes to sing. She lives in Texas.
    3. Scarlett Ann
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    1. I'd think of my sister, Scarlett Grace. I think it's a sweet name.
    2. She has auburn curly hair, dark eyes and a few freckles over her nose. She has a fiery personality and is very creative.
    3. Allegra Eve

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    1. I think of a car. Allegra was a car model. Eve is nice.
    2. She had pin straight dark hair and blue eyes. Fiery personality.
    3. Rhett Alexander

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