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    1. Frances sounds like an old lady name, if I was her I'd go by Violet, Violet's so pretty
    2. I picture a silent, shy little girl who holds the hand of her older sister never letting go. light brown hair that falls into her brown eyes.
    3. Cassia Summer
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    1. I love both names! Such an upbeat name!
    2. She's a California girl who loves the beach and the waves. She has light brown wavy hair and ocean blue eyes. She also likes wearing flowers in her hair.
    3. Maeve Asteria
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    1. It's a really eccentric name but I love it. Maeve and Asteria go really well together.
    2. A rambunctious little girl with an interest in otherworldly things - aliens, asteroids, planets, etc. Really upbeat and excitable.
    3. Leo Atlas
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    1. Such a cute first name but doesn't go with his middle name.
    2. A boy around nine who has straight-ish strawberry blonde hair. Interested in anything that doesn't have to do with maps, as he thinks an Atlas is just a name.
    3. Madonna Rose

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    1. Hmm, I don't know. Madonna brings to mind the trashy singer, and overall I see a tattoo of a lady and a rose on the arm of a raggedy man. Awkward. I do like Rose, though.

    2. A little girl with fluffy/wavy black hair and bright, snapping blue eyes. She wants to be just like her big sisters and often mimics them and borrows their clothes, listens to their music, plays with their friends, etc. She's short-tempered but usually sweet.

    3. Lizette Madeline (-line like -lynn)
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