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    1) Intrigued, because at least it's not another Isabella or other insanely popular name.
    2) I picture a dark-haired, olive-skinned girl, possibly with dark eyes. With such an obvious Italian name, I would expect her to be at least somewhat Italian. That or her parents definitely have a fondness for Italy.
    3) Cassia
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    1) Cassia is lovely! Very cute and far better than variations like Cass or even Cassidy.
    2) I picture a girl with pink freckle-dotted skin, wavy red hair and green eyes.
    3) Beatrice
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    1. I'd be pretty excited; I really like that name.
    2. I picture a tan girl, green eyes and light brown hair, more athletic and social than intellectual.
    3. Zen (boy)
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    1. Interesting name.
    2. A tall skinny boy with blue eyes and dark hair. Parents are artsy or musical with him following in their footsteps.
    3. Guinevere Ellen

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    1. I would be intrigued to meet a Guinevere Ellen! Guinevere is a name that has the rare ability to match its strength with its femininity. Beautiful!
    2. A tall blond girl, with brown eyes. She is a quiet introvert, but people are naturally drawn to her beauty and stature.
    3. Yara Noemie

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