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    1. I'd think of Jocelyn Fray from the popular YA series The Mortal Instruments or wonder how it crossed over from the boys' camp.
    2. A small redheaded girl with grey eyes who likes to paint.
    3. Hermione

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    1. I would be shocked to meet a Hermione. I see that name all the time on nameberry, but never have met a real Hermione. I think it's a lovely name, but it is quite daring!
    2. Curly blonde hair, very fair skin. Very sweet and smart.
    3. Emmanuelle (nn Elle)
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    I would be pleasantly surprised, and imagine an Emmanuelle to be dark haired and olive skinned.


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    1. It's very interesting, though perhaps not my style. I've never met an Eleonora, but it's pretty in a way.
    2. I think of an elderly but very regal-looking and beautiful women. She is very kind but strong willed.
    3. Olivia Catherine

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    1. Not very fond of the name. Wouldn't think anything about it.
    2. I picture a girl with dark brown hair, and bright green eyes,
    3. Lyncoln Gene

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