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Thread: Weight Loss

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    If you really want to lose the weight quickly you need to go on a diet. Like eating about 1200-1300 calories/day and exercising 30min/day. Otherwise just eat when you are hungry, don't when you aren't. I find eating meat keeps me full so I don't get hungry again quickly and staying away from carbs, especially pasta helps.

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    After I had my third I joined Weight Watchers. It was a HUGE help to me. You don't lose weight quickly - 35 lbs by June probably wouldn't be do-able, but I lost weight steadily, 1-3 pounds a week. Unlike many friends who started diets at the same time as me, and saw big results more quickly, mine stayed off because I was retraining myself to make good choices and was eating really good food that I liked. I would highly recommend it. If you don't have a weight watchers near you, you can always join online.

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    I personally have never done diets before, but all of my family members have. And I've been told the most effective methods are:

    1. Cut calories, not carbs. Because carbs are what give you energy, so in cutting them back you will lose weight but you'll also be very tired. So eat moderate carbs, but low calories.

    2. Eat a 4/5 small meals a day rather than 3 big ones. It keeps your metabolism running throughout the day, so your always using what you eat. Rather than the bigger meals where your more likely to store more.

    3. Never eat after 7 pm. You need at least a couple hours after eating to digest, otherwise it just sits in your tummy and becomes stored fat.

    4. Eat your largest meal with most calories in the morning, your more likely to burn all of the calories eaten if you have all day to eat them rather than a few hours after dinner. "Breakfast like a king, lunch like a price, and dinner like a popper" is the saying I've always heard.

    5. Drink a glass of water a half hour before your meal. It'll start your digestion up faster, and it will make you feel less hungry so you wont eat as much.

    Sorry if I repeated everything said above!! But these are all the weight loss methods my mom has used, and they worked wonderfully for her! <3 Good luck!

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    I know a few friends that have used the app "my fitness pal" to help track their calories and exercise. I've also used it and found it fun, easy to use and it really helps you become aware of what you're eating to get on track for healthy eating habits. If I remember right it's also free!

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    I think drinking the good quantity of water, eating Fruits and vegetables, avoid the junk food and taking a balance diet is really very beneficial for Weight loss and being healthy. miami hcg diet
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