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    All right, so this isn't so much of an actual story as it is a series of drawings with explanations or short comics to help me practice my artistic skills (which need refining!). Basically, my main character is a little boy aged between 5 and 8. He's a pretty cute little guy, with biiiiiig blue-grey eyes and a mop of wavy/curly medium-dark golden hair. He has a big grin and just likes to have fun all the time. I affectionately call him "Birdboy" because that's what he is- part bird, part adorable little boy. He can turn into a bird (specifically an American Goldfinch!) in any amount, from fully becoming the animal to just sprouting wings out of his back/changing his arms to wings. His last name is Spinett (a little play on the Latin name of the American Goldfinch, Spinus tristis). It's the first name I'm struggling with- I can't decide between Abraham, Gideon, and Carey. If anyone has any opinions or other suggestions, all help is welcome and needed!! Thanks!

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    I choose Gideon!

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    Out of those three, I choose Gideon. Gideon Spinnet is lovely! I also could picture him being named Rory or Leo, for some reason.
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    It was ALMOST Gideon for him, but then all of the sudden, an image of a little ginger boy who could turn into a bear popped into my head and he made the absolute perfect Gideon-- I couldn't resist. So Birdboy became Carey! There's also Bean, who's a little girl who can become a starling. Thank you so much for your input though! He definitely would've been Gideon had the ginger boy not come to mind.

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