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    Smile Baby Naming Rules

    Do you have any baby naming rules for your family?

    I think everyone... my husband, myself, and each of my children should have their own first initial, so no repeating first letters for our names. This could make things around the house a little easier, marking things with a single letter to demonstrate ownership. It may even help with not mixing up their names (although, I am not sure about that one).

    Also, no alteration for our first and last name.

    My husband has already stated no feminine forms of masculine names, (Georgina, Josephine, Augusta, etc.).

    What about you?
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    Ohhh I think I'll make a list of mine

    1. No repeating initials or sound
    2. No ending in the same sounds (ie Helena & Sophia)
    3. Can't have Irish, Celtic, welsh, British origins (I just think it would look weird on my kids)
    4. No family first names

    I have kind of specific rules, but they seem to change often
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    1) No family names. Husband's family has no tradition of passing down names. In my family, only the men pass down names, and my brother has already passed the family name to his son.

    2) Per Husband's request, no "weird" names. The definition of "weird" is currently up for debate in our house.

    3) No made-up names, names of flowers, trees, or geographical elements (except for Rose. Lily, Laurel, Willow, River, Skye, Raine, etc are not acceptable to Husband.), or names of places that aren't traditional names (Bromley - no, Georgia - yes, etc).

    I'm much more open to looking at different names. Husband is having a tough time wrapping his mind around naming a child he can't see, feel, hear, or touch yet. He'll come around. Or I'll make him. Whatever comes first.
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    My only "rule" is that the name honors family. My husband however feels the name has to be a "real" name so no place names, virtue names, etc.

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    My husband and I decided that if we choose to honor someone the name has to be related to the name of the person being honored, either by meaning or an actual variation of the name in question. We feel that choosing an unrelated name is basically wanting to honor without admitting you dont like the honoree's name so it doesnt count. If the honoree suggests a name they would prefer instead thats fine.

    Nothing with a negative meaning (Cecilia is fine, Mallory is not) or bad connotations.

    No names that we are completely unfamiliar with.

    No brands, places (he is willing to make exceptions), colors, or things for the most part.
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    1. No long names beginning with R (cause our surname is a long name that begins with R), so sadly, no Ramona or Rosemary!
    2. No names that are so overtly Catholic that they make my Jewish in-laws uncomfortable...I was specifically told not I "couldn't" use Christina or Christopher cause it was offensive to them...I will hold my tongue on how I feel about all of that! But my husband wants to uphold the rule of no 'overly religious' names like Faith, Vera (faith in Russian), Mary, ect...
    3. Middle names have to be for a reason besides just sounding nice. Personal meaning or to honor someone or just no mn at all. My husband doesn't have a mn so if we have a son next and don't have anything special to use we might not use one. Our daughter has 2 mns so I guess we would follow that format if we had another girl..a middle of my choice & a middle of my husbands choice.

    My husband also vetoes anything too 'normal' or 'boring'...which I think means classic: Anna, Elizabeth, Eliza, Jane, Joan, June, Jeanne, ect.

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    Nothing Trendy.
    Nothing Popular (Isabelle, Jayden) or that was popular when I was growing up (Adam, Jessica).
    No virtue names.
    No place names.
    No word names.
    No unisex names.
    No made up names.
    Must have a cute nickname available.
    No Celebrity names.
    No made up spellings.
    Nothing that doesn't age well.
    No nicknames as given names.
    A long history and a literary reference are a bonus.

    I'm such a name snob
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    Nothing too popular.
    We don't name after family so not to hurt feelings.
    no unisex or boy names for my girls. No unisex or girl names for my boys.
    All kiddos will have "ray" in thier middle name.
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    Not Very Popular
    Not Too Trendy
    I Can't Know a Baby with the Same Name
    Not too Keen on Unisex
    No Alliteration
    I Won't Be Restricted to 'The Right Way' to Spell a Name if I'm Not Comfortable with it's Appearance
    Has to Look Good When Written in Both Print and Cursive
    Since Boys Carry on the Family Name, the Name Needs to Honor Someone.
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    1) No negative meanings

    2) No boys names on girls--feminine forms of masculine names are fine

    3) No Top 100 names as first names (though I'm considering making an exception for a couple of names)

    4) No awkward initials (I like to monogram things)

    5. No "Juniors" or names of people we see on a regular basis. I think everyone should have his or her own identity, and that starts with a name. I'm in favor of family names, but they can be middles or represent links to family members who came before us.
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