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    Etienne for a girl?

    I've always loved the name Etienne, but for a girl. I know, I know, it is a boys name. But if you don't live in a French speaking area, will anyone know that?

    Can it work for a girl? I mean we have a ton of boys names that are now unisex or only girl's names now. I feel like the "enne" ending makes it sound feminine.

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    It is all boy to me. Have you considered Etiennette?
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    I would NOT use Etienne for a girl - just because you're not in a French speaking area doesn't mean your daughter won't eventually live in one. (That doesn't even have to be France or French Canada - there are large Francophone communities in Maine and Louisiana in the U.S.) I try to think about the child's future in addition to right now.

    There are a lot of great -enne ending names, if that's what you like about Etienne - besides the obvious like Adrienne and Vivienne, there's Fabrienne, Lucienne and Vienne.

    Ultimately, use what you like, but that's my opinion. Good luck!

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    Well I think it's a general knowledge thing to know that Étienne is a boy's name. But the -ienne is usually feminine like you said so maybe it would work. Well, I'd say it works but it is not very often that I "lose" one of my favourite boys names to the girls; I think Berries who have "lost" a lot of favourite boy names would probably oppose it. I don't know how berries who like Étienne for a boy will feel about anyone using it on a girl.
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    I completely understand why you like it for a girl, but I don't think it's usable. There are French speakers everywhere, and your child is bound to run into one at some point in her life. I think using Etienne would be a disadvantage to a girl. If she ever takes up French or travels to France or Canada, her name may come across as culturally ignorant. There are lots of other -enne names for girls that may appeal:

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