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Thread: TTC Spring 2012

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    Good luck TTC, everyone! We have been trying for 8 months and just found out yesterday that we are expecting Little One #2 in December, although of course it is still so early to be counting on it. We're still trying to pinpoint the due date (I am terrible about keeping track of these things and can't remember when my last cycle was) but I think it might actually be Christmas Day. I feel more freaked out than I thought I would, considering it is a planned baby and we've been trying for a while, now. Hopefully the pregnancy will be easy like the last one. (Our daughter is 2 years and 7 months.)

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    When in Jan? Mine is the 12th .
    Tinabina, my mom's name is Tina and her birthday is January 12--crazy coincidence, just had to mention it.

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    Congrats on your pregnancy, jwalling! And thanks!! Of course, I'm still waiting to TTC, but oh well We'll be trying for our first, and I'm thrilled! <3 Can't wait to be a mommy! I think I almost want to do the 12th now, seeing as it seems to be a lucky day for more than one person!
    Waiting to TTC!! <3

    If I had a baby right now...
    Roman Connor or Amelia Piper

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    Congrats and good luck! We started ttc after a misscarriage in january. I found out yesteday i am pregnant and due jan 3. I too had to work out when would be the best due date due to christmas, our anniversary at the end of jan and our sons birthday at the end of jan as well. Good luck and stress free.

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    Jwalling- That is quite the coincidence! Best of luck with Baby#2. Congrats!!!

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    My hubby & I have been ttc since late February so fingers crossed for this month!

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