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    Think I found 'the' name!

    I've had a very hard time for a boys name for my 2nd. None of the names excited me as much as my first son Harrison. Until today at the nail salon this Italian woman mentioned to me "Matteo". This really lit up my face as I haven't seen it in all my long hours of searching. It doesn't sound too exotic to me. Our last name is Cruz so I think Matteo Cruz sounds really good. It's a bit different than his brother Harrison but I'm not all about matchy matchy. What do you think!?

    I just have to convince my husband now, haha. He can be picky.

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    Love it! I have always liked it and Matthias, but we already have a Matt in the family. Matteo Cruz is nice.

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    I think it sounds very ethnic ..but its a nice name

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    Mateo is one of the few baby names I liked as a teen. I wasn't someone who thought of names much but I heard it once and it just stuck! Goes great with your last name too.

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    Matteo is very nice! Matt is a grounded nickname and Teo is very cool. I think Matteo Cruz is very cool. -- My Amazon Author Page

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