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    Name #3 and we can't agree!

    We are TTC#3 (so we have time to decide, but I'm hoping it's soon!) but the hubby and I always like discussing names and number 3 has been a tough one. Our first two have been named from conception, names that were absolutely concrete and suit them both very well.

    3 year old son: Mason Brett
    20 Month old daughter: Harper Maree
    Our girls name is set in stone: Scout Margaret
    Middle names are family names.

    But boys are tough!
    I Like:
    Caius (though with our last name starting with a Keh sound it tends to sound a little odd)

    Husband is set on:
    (seems to have a theme going haha)

    Middle names to be either Alistair or David, depending on which fits best.

    I tend to say the all in a sibset line to see how they Mason, Harper and Scout..

    Your thoughts?..and please throw in some names you think fit with our tastes etc.

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    Southeast, USA
    Girls - Abigail, Georgianna, Anne, Charlotte, Claire, Genevieve, Annette, Eliza, Felicity, Hannah, Noelle, Eugenie, Grace, Phoebe, Philippa, Cecilia, Cecily, Elizabeth, Hollis, Piper, Lorelei, Vivienne, Paige, Carolina, Isobel, Lucy, Molly, Georgia, Victoria, Naomi

    Boys - Bobby Sparklefritz until H can offer suggestions. Ones I like: Rory, Owen, Tyler, Ian, Elliot, Alexander, Ephraim, Levi, Jacob, Reid, Avery, Nathan, Miles, Jasper, Spencer, Toby, Dean, Philip

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