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    HELP 32 weeks and still no name

    Hi everyone!!! I'm joining because I'm struggling with what to name my 2nd son.... My first is James Alan who is from a previous relationship but has been raised by my husband since he was 7 months.. We would like to name our so something similar to James, that flow good together and use a family name. We know we want to use Michael(husband and father in-laws names) just not sure what with or if as a first name.
    We have a few ideas but haven't found "the one". Most of his family names are all taken except last names which are Cain(maiden) and Ward(papaw).. As for my family Last name Johnson, then we have Charles Emanuel, Milburne Francis and Henry..Help us PLEASE!!!

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    Boys - Bobby Sparklefritz until H can offer suggestions. Ones I like: Rory, Owen, Tyler, Ian, Elliot, Alexander, Ephraim, Levi, Jacob, Reid, Avery, Nathan, Miles, Jasper, Spencer, Toby, Dean, Philip

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