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    Rue, True, Truly?

    I've had a long standing love affair with the name Rue (before I had even heard of The Hunger Games, haha). I am also warming up to the idea of True, largely because it is almost Rue. My SO dislikes both Rue and True, but is partial to Truly...

    I am having a hard time shaking the Sister Wives association from that one. What do you think? Are any of them usable? If you had to use one, which would it be?

    I feel like Rue is gaining in usability due to the Hunger Games' popularity.

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    I know a boy named True, so that's definitely usable. Obviously, Rue is usable, but I think that if you named your baby Rue, people would automatically assume you had gotten the name from Hunger Games. I don't know about Truly, it sounds a bit like Trudy to me, and I don't like that.
    If I had to use one, it'd definitely be True, just because I've always loved that name
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    I think of the 80s My Little Ponys when I hear Truly... but then I don't watch Sister Wives. True isn't really my style. I like Rue. I think it doesn't really matter if people think you got it from the Hunger Games. Lots of people use names from Literature.
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    I don't really like any of them, but would definitely choose Rue or True over Truly. I associate Rue more with Rue McClanahan than the Hunger Games, but that's because I just heard of the Hunger Games a couple of weeks ago. Rue and True both feel nicknamey to me, True for Truman and Rue for.. I don't know what. Truly just makes me think of "yours truly."

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    I think they are all usable. Truly intrigues me, but I am partial to all of them.
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