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    Question Nicknames for Josie

    I am finding it a nightmare to find nicknames for Josie (not Josephine). I don't really like my name and if I had a nickname then I could be called that instead. I don't look like a Jo and I hate Jose (pronnounced joe-s) so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Cair Paravel :)
    My only other thought would be Joey or Jojo, both of which are really close to Jo.

    I suppose you could opt for Cece or Posey, but those are both quite a bit of a stretch.
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    Well - as you know Josie is a nn for Josephine, so other Josephine nns might be logical choices for you. Effie is a neat vintage one. I wonder if Essie works.
    What is your middle name? maybe there is inspiration to be found there???

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    Why would you need a nickname for Josie?

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    To boyandgirl:
    I need a nickname because I don't really like my own name so I could be called by that instead.

    To lynae:
    I love Effie just don't think that it would come naturally to other people as I am not a Josephine and my middle name is Kate

    To ashthedreamer:
    How do you pronnounce Cece?

    Thanks to everyone so far

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