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Thread: Help pick!

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    Help pick!

    Deciding between Annie Madeline or Callan Avery....but also open to suggestions

    We also debated:
    Annie Callan
    Annie Harper
    Annie Carys
    Hadley Anabel
    Hadley Callan
    Callan Harper

    Baby girl will be joining big brother Evan Matthew in 4 weeks!

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    Annie Madeline! Very sweet. Hadley Anabel would be my second choice--I also like the idea of Anabel Harper, nn Annie.

    Callan Avery strikes me as quite masculine. I have met a girl named Callan (not sure how she spelled it--might have been Callyn or Callen instead), and I know Avery is quite popular for girls, but when I look at Evan Matthew and Callan Avery together, I can't help but think that they'd both be boys, although the girly, sweet nn Callie might help. I think using a girly MN would help Callan feel more usable on a girl, too--like Callan Anabel or Callan Carys? Besides, Evan and Annie are just too cute together.

    Good luck!
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    I agree that Callan sounds pretty masculine. I know one boy named Cullen and a bunch more named Collin, and Callan sounds too close to those for me to be comfortable. For some reason I like Collins though, maybe just because I've seen it on a girl before (even if she was in a movie). I love the name Hadley and I think it sounds okay with Callan if you're set on using that. Still, Annie does sound the best with Evan, so I'd vote for Annie Madeline.
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    Annie Madeline's gorgeous, love Annie and Madeleine as names, and together they make a beautiful combo. Callan sounds too close to Evan for me with the -an ending, and the combo feels too unisex to me, I feel if you use a unisex name it needs to be paired with a gender defining middle, which Avery isn't. The sibset of Evan and Annie though is just too adorable to pass up.

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    Definitely Annie Madeleine! Callan is a gorgeous boy name. With Evan and Callan, it would sound like 2 sons. Annie is one of my all time favs!

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