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    I love Cuán (coo-awn) and Aoileann (ee-lin). Other options include:
    Antaine (Anne-tan-ah)
    Aodhán (A-dawn)
    Tadhg (Ty-g. Like tiger without the r)
    Darrach (Dawrr-uch)
    Pierce/Pearce/Pearse (pierce)
    Pilib (form of Philip)
    Ronán (row-nawn)

    Neans (Nans)
    Nola (form of Fionnghuala)
    Éabha (Ava)
    Aoibhe (Eva)
    Aoibhinn (Ee-veen, a-veen)
    Eilís (eye-leesh)
    Eilis (a-lish)
    Róise (row-sha)
    Dearbháil (der-val)

    Hope this helps!

    Sources: I'm an Irish secondary school student, living in Ireland. A lot of these are from my literary course.

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