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    A girl I know named her boy Keevan which is the male form of Caiomhe/Keeva - Looked up the Gaelic spelling and it's Caoimheán. I like Finnegan but reminds me of a rhyme someone used to sing in primary school.
    As someone mentioned above, not sure on the name popularity in Ireland - I'm from Glasgow so a good few Irish Gaelic names pop up now and then.
    For girls, I'm pretty sure Orlaith (Or-la) is popular though, as it's rising here.
    How about Aerin (Ae-rin or Eh-rin) - apparently it means Ireland, according to
    Brannagh (Bran-nah), Caoilainn (Cay-lin), Caragh/Caera (Car-a), Darcy (Dars-ae), Maebh (May-v), Rhari (Rory)

    this is the site I seen a few on -

    Boys - I quite like Seamus with nn Shay. It's cute. But you're pretty much sorted with boy names by the looks of things!
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    Dia dhuit,
    Well...If you are set on something super unusual, I do like your idea of using the surname Rafferty. As you´re Irish I generally would recommend against asking Americans for Gaelic name ideas. All those Irish name lists for Americans are full of errors. Just look at some of the broad/slender vowel errors and pronunciation errors above. Trying to avoid top ONE THOUSAND using Gaelic names in Ireland sounds really really hard. Do you mean that literally? By the way, I do love Orla in all its spellings as one commentor suggested. What about Eilis or Sibeal (no fada button here sorry) ? I was just thinking of unusual gaelicisations of names. Like your ideas anyway and I would never worry about being too matchy, but that´s just me.
    Good luck!

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    Congratulations on your quads! I'm quite American and know very little about Gaelic names, but I do really like Tiarnan (sp? I've always seen it spelled Tiernan in America, but if you use the original spellings for all the others, I would definitely keep to the traditional here!), Rafferty, Finnegan, Ruaidhri, Aoife, and Saoirse. Most of the Gaelic/Irish names I like and can think of will probably be to mainstream to you... but I have a friend who lives in Ireland and is a member of this site, so I'll PM her for you and see if she has any great ideas to pass along. For what it's worth, I think Rafferty, Finnegan, Aoife, and Saoirse would be perfect for quadruplets!

    Good luck!
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    I know that these may be in the top 1000, but what about Riley? I love that name! How about using it for a girl? Rhylee maybe?
    I also like: Liam, Brody and Declan.
    Not too sure about girls names, i do like Kiera and Tallulah though.

    Let us know what you pick! Good luck and Congrats!

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    Not sure the popularity but here are some suggestions......

    Gannon- Fair-skinned
    Arlen- pledge
    Keir- dark skinned
    Curran- hero
    Daly- advisor
    Galen- calm
    Tierran- lordly
    Cian- ancient, enduring
    Eoghan-born of the yew tree
    Ferris- rock

    Carlin- little champion
    Eadoin-blessed with many friends
    Fallon- in charge
    Ronan- little seal

    Keelin- slender, fair
    Aislinn- inspiration
    Aine-pleasure delight
    Ailis- truth
    Liadan- gray lady
    Maeve- cause of great joy
    Maille- form of molly
    Maire- bitter
    Meara- merry
    Muireann, Muirenn- sea white, sea fair
    Niamh, Niav- radiance, brightness
    Siobhan- god is gracious
    Tullia-quiet and peaceful
    Eilis- consecrated to God
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