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    61 names for quads!!

    Hi I need some Irish names for quads.
    Two boys and two girls.
    Surname O'Brien.
    Must be unique(not in top 1000) and different.(no Niamh or Connor)

    Few ideas:
    Saoirse(seer-sha)(G)-Dh & I love it! Perfect for 1 of our girls, any nn or mn?
    Rafferty(Raff-ur-tee)(B)-love it wiv nn Raffy BUT any different spellings wiv RaffERty not RaffARty? Any mn?
    Finnegan(Fin-uh-gan)(B)-love it wiv nn Finn/Fionn(Raffy&Fionn?) wat bout spelling Fionnegan? Any mn?
    Caoimhe(key-vah)(G)-not sure if I like it or not, opinions? I like spelling! Any mn?
    Ruaidhri(Roo-a-ree)(B)-again not sure,opinions? Any nn or mn? Other spellings?
    Tiarnán(Teer-nan)(B)-not sure,opinions? Any nn or mn? Other spellings?
    Aoife(ee-fa)(G)-Dh & I love it BUT too matchy wiv Saoirse? Opinions? Love spelling! Any mn?
    Sinead(shi-naid)(G)-we love it BUT Saoirse & Sinead too many s? Opinions? other spellings? Any mn or nn?

    I know some of you won't like the names due to mispronunciation issues from spelling but Dh & I love it.
    We live in Ireland so it will not be a problem.

    Thank you SO much for help!!

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