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    Thanks, ladies! I'm happy that you all love Posey as a nn for Josephine--I'm always afraid people think I should use Josie instead.

    @amber - I lovelovelove Aurelie! I'm just not sure about it after Josephine--Aurelie Josephine seems to work so much better to me, and I just love Aurelie so much I wouldn't want to hide it in the middle! I'm also not sure I should really use another Ari name, since Isabelle Aurora Grace and Arianne Eleanor Kate are my top 2. haha. And I would use the nn Ari for Arianne. And it would easily be mispronounced, too...

    @beebear - I love Josephine Iris! It's going on the list, with Josephine Esme and Josephine Sophia.
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    I am falling in love with Josephine as well and Posey is adorable! What about Josephine Lydia or Josephine Eleni so you don't have to choose. I really really like Josephine Eleni! I think it can be really hard to pair Josephine because it is the perfect MN! I have always had a soft spot for Josephine Alexis even though I am not a fan of Alexis anywhere else. What about Josephine Camille? Josephine Cora? or Josephine Cadence (as a military connection for your family)? I really like Josephine with a C MN.

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    Would you consider Sophie Josephine? I like the way it sounds
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    Esme is just not a name to me and all the pop culture references are pretty unfortunate so it is totally unusable to me, sorry! I have never heard of Esme being a family name, you must have some really interesting names to choose from then

    Josephine Waverly
    Josephine Bronwyn
    Josephine Hannah (really like this one)
    Josephine Eliza
    Josephine Coralie
    Josephine Fiona (maybe a little F heavy but still so cute!)
    Josephine Belle
    Josephine Adele
    Josephine Sarah
    Josephine Calla

    Do you like any of those?
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