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    Alliteration in names - HH ?

    Hi Berries,

    We love the name Harriet (Hattie), but his surname begins with a H. What does everyone think? I would have shied away from alliterative names before, but I really love Harriet.

    All opinions appreciated

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    I LOVE alliteration. Actually, my married name is alliterative. I get lots of compliments on it. Alliterative names sound lyrical or poetic.

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    I love alliterive names! especially H names, the H is soft enough it's not overwelming. At one point I had Hadassah Hope on my list because I liked the alliteration so much!
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    I like alliteration. It's a naming thing in my family (honestly, my mom and I are the only two in my big family that don't have it!), so I've grown quite fond of it. I don't really see any reason not to, unless it's something as matchy as Harriet Hatfield. Harriet Henry or Harriet Hudson, for example, though, are just fine, imo.
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    I agree. Alliteration can be excellent. Hs are so mild - it's not like Peter Piper or Zoë Zimmerman.
    Love Harriet by the way!

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