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    Hugo William George?

    I love all three of these names and can't choose between them so am thinking of using them all!

    Do you think the name flows well and sounds good in this order?

    FYI our surname is 2-syllables and we already have a son named Henry Patrick James.

    All ideas and opinions welcome!

    Thanks Berries

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    I think it would be cutest as William Hugo George

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    I love the order of Hugo William George, though it does establish an "H" fn pattern. Despite this, Hugo and Henry both have history and energy as well as two-syllables, which I think makes a great sibset.
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    I like it! I think it sounds good, but I think I would like it better as William Hugo George. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I think Hugo William George has a great flow! Will you have more children, though? With both names starting with H, that might be something to consider if there will be a third. Some take issue with matching initials, others don't. It just depends on what you think. I for one, love the name on it's own and paired with Henry Patrick James! Good choice!

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