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    Combining last names for baby

    My spouse and I have different last names, and we can't decide what to do for future children's last name. Hyphenating seems like it would be a major pain for them. I was thinking of maybe coming up with a new name using both our names. Eg. Martin + Bentley = Marley or Bentin. Is this weird?

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    It certainly isn't common, but it's not completely unheard of. I know several people who have combined last names of their respective parents. If you live in a place where it's much more common that parents and kids have the same last name, you may find yourself explaining the last name often, but that's hardly a reason not do combine the names if that's what you want. It's perfectly reasonable that you and your spouse would want your kids' last name to reflect your own individual names.

    Plus, it gives you more name options for the kids - if you don't like how a first name sounds with one last name, try it with the other!
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    Lineage and family history are very important to me, so this isn't something I would consider (inventing a new last name). I also strongly dislike hyphenated names, so in your shoes I would give one of the last names as a middle name and the other as the true last name (in your example above, it would work perfectly). John Andrew Martin Bentley or Anna Rose Bentley Martin etc. Or you could get rid of the second name if it feels like a mouthful (so John Martin Bentley or Anna Bentley Martin). I also have a different last name than my spouse, but the children have his last name only. It was more important to him than it was to me.

    Good luck.

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    Just give the baby his father's last name.
    I'm assuming you have your father's, and you want to keep it rather than take on your husbands, which is fine.

    But if you're keeping your father's last name, why can't/shouldn't your baby keep theirs?

    I personally don't understand the difference in situation, or why it's a puzzle to some.
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    A new name is really weird to me, but in my country that wouldn't even be possible. I strongly dislike the idea, to me a lastname is heiratage, it has a story somehow. Since your family names are both short and easy I think hyphenating would be fine. At least it is way better than the new name idea.

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