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    Question names ending with an S or Z sound?

    I find I like names that end in an S or Z sound or contain a S, but sounds like a z. For me and the way I say Mercedes (mer-say-deez). Is Mercedes too car related for a name now? I don't like Reece, but I do like Mercedes, names things not so common for me. Plus I don't like the candy association. Where I live it seems are just stuck on names like Ava and Jaden (bleh). Can you find names ending those sounds? I like...
    What about Beatrice? I love the nickname "my little bumble Bee" without having the "Beat+Rice" connection, but I like that it was a daughter of Queen Victoria, Beatrice.

    ***p.s. this is just playing with ideas, I am NOT expecting.
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    Hmm, what about:

    That's about all I can think of! I think the "S" endings are more popular for boys (Linus, Elias, Jonas, Silas, Matthias, etc.). I think Beatriu is really cute. It sounds quite Romanian to me, for some reason. I think it's really refreshing, sweet, and spunky. The information I saw on it said it's supposed to be pronounced BEE-ah-true, which I like even more. I think she could be Bea or Tru, both of which are really cute!

    Demetra Josephine is nice. I absolutely love Josephine, and no, it's moved way past Napoleon's wife. I think Josephine is a lovely MN option! Unless your LN is relatively short, though, I would consider pairing either Demetra or Josephine with a shorter name. Demetra is nice... just not my thing. It's too connected to mythology for me, although I do like Demi as a nn.

    Good luck!
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    The other ones I had were already said.

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